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Shopping Tip: Buy the First Thing You See

Okay, so maybe this goes against what the bargain shoppers suggest. And maybe it only really works in our particular Whole Foods store, but hear me out. I think the philosophy behind this is sound.

I noticed last week as I entered our local grocery store that the very first display stacked high with yellow-skinned ataulfo mangoes. It was a variety I had never seen. I was in a curious mood, so I grabbed a couple and put them in the basket. They were delicious. We had one with lunch on Saturday and another with breakfast on Sunday morning. Malcolm even enjoyed his bit of mashed-up mango.

Now, I know buying the first thing you see goes against the conventional bargain-shopper wisdom. Grocery stores are organized in such a way as to extract the most money possible from you. And this is certainly the case here. Who doesn’t like delicious mangoes? As I thought about it more, I realized that this place in the store always has something different. It’s usually stocked with some sweet rare fruit that is only ripe and in stores during a very short window of time. Of course, this is the most enticing, so you’ll spend money on it.

But I also believe it’s also the most enticing because your body knows that sweet, ripe fruits are at their absolute peak in nutritional value and flavor.┬áSo, supermarket psychology aside, why shouldn’t I buy delicious fruits that are great for snacking that I probably won’t see for another year? I don’t see any reason to deprive ourselves of healthy treats.

I’m going to commit to buying whatever is on that display every time I go in. Not a lot. Just one or two of whatever it is. It’ll increase the variety of plants we’re eating, and will be yet another supermarket adventure.

Ataulfo Mangoes by Danielle Scott (Creative Commons Licensed: CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. I bought 3 of those very same mangoes the other day at wholefoods. I have that very same spot in the wholefoods by me, and the stuff there is always on sale and ripe! Those mangoes are kickass.

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